About Us


We are a brand new brand.   Launched Sept 1st, 2019.  But don't let that scare ya! 

TheNovelTeeShop was spawned from an already existing website devoted to selling the best podcast show merchandise out there, and it was from that site (podcastmerch.com) that we've spawned this one.  We've expanded to let all of these super funny and creative people spread their creative wings and come up with fun, silly, or just plain cool tee-shirts.  Some will be up for a week, a month or forever. Just trying to have some fun!     

The quality is great, the shirts are printed in NYC, and are mailed out 3x a week.  We plan on added a few new designs every week, with some limited runs as well.   

We hope you enjoy your NovelTee experience, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!



- TheNovelTeeam.